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Dande Hunting TrophiesThe Dande South Campfire Communal Hunting area is 600 000 acres in size and is located in the North Eastern part of Zimbabwe in the lower Zambezi Valley. For many years this area was operated by Ingwe Safaris and has an excellent reputation for producing world class trophies. The area is surrounded by very well-known hunting blocks the Chewore South Safari Area is to the west, the Dande North Safari Area to the north, the Doma Safari Area to the south and Mozambique to the East.

The area is a CAMPFIRE area with local villagers living in certain demarcated residential areas. Being a Campfire area as opposed to a National Parks concession means that hunting after daylight hours is permitted.

Dande Hunting TrophiesElephant hunting in Dande South is seasonal with the prime time being early season from March to May. Trophy quality bulls are found and the area has produced elephant in the 60 - 70 pound range during this part of the year. The reason for this is because the local villager's crops ripen during this time and this attracts bulls from both Mozambique and the neighbouring national parks safari areas which have no crops.

Buffalo hunting in Dande is very good as is the whole of the lower Zambezi Valley, this is typical track and stalk hunting and success rate on mature representative buffalo is over 90%. Like any area a bid of hard work and extra effort can see very favourable results for buffalo with bulls in excess of 40 inches being taken. The best time of year is May through October.

Lion and Leopard hunting in Dande South is superb, being a campfire area, which allows hunting after dark success rate in lion and leopard is close to 100%. The main method of hunting cats is by baits and blinds. This is also one of the few areas left in Africa where lioness can be hunted and this is because of the over population of lion in the area which has necessitated lioness being put on quota as a management tool.

Plains Game hunting in Dande can be rewarding but clients need to know that like all big game areas where the plains game is not protected by high fences it can be tough at times. Dande does however have a good population of sable, kudu, zebra, impala, bushbuck, warthog and hyena. The Hunyani and Angwa Rivers and their tributaries also offer crocodile and hippo.

Dande currently operates a single main camp. Bathrooms are en-suite with hot and cold running water. Laundry and ironing is done daily. All lodges are well lit by electrical generator. Please note Zimbabwe use a 220v electrical system so U.S. based hunters must bring their own adapters. All food and drinks are included in the daily rates.

  • Murara Safari Camp

Danade | Murara Safari CampThe Safari Camp in the area is known as Murara and it is a very well appointed camp comprising of three roomy, double client, thatched chalets, all with bathrooms en-suite.

There is a small fly camp located approximately 1km from the main camp which consists of three tents with bathrooms and a main dining/lounge area.